Week two update….

I find myself thinking about how I am thinking these days. It borders on meditation.

I walked into a classroom filling up with semi-conscious college coeds and stacked my notes on the lectern. Words carefully typed. My eyes jumped from letter to letter unable to focus on any arranged set. I tried to put two thoughts together from memory. And failed.

The quiet in the room disturbed me. I looked across rows of long tables and my thoughts landed in the good old days. Classes began with shushings of jitter-juiced twenty-somethings. Today all that chatting happens on cell phones without eye contact, without sound. The collection of tall cups dotting tabletops was reassuring. Coffee prevails, even in this digitized cohort.

Without warning I was swept under by a wave of jealousy. A few short weeks ago we traded tales of tall lattes. They were aware of my affection for the bean. travel tea lent blogOne student near the front locked eyes on my own travel cup. Unwritten and unfiltered, I snapped.

“Okay, this might look like coffee. But see this paper tag? It’s tea, okay? I gave up coffee for Lent.”

A public declaration. If only I could inhale those words and swallow them up.

Fingers paused, heads raised. Eureka: An audible accident of the mouth may lead to the cessation of texting! I should market that to teachers everywhere.

Students remained peculiarly attentive for fifty minutes. A good thing. Had a question been asked and my train of thought strayed from those printed notes, there’s no predicting what other words might have escaped. I’ll think about that later- if I can remember.