New Book Jacket Zipped

November 24, 2015 • By

November 23, 2015

Thanks for checking out the revised description appearing on the back cover of my book! I am especially grateful to my readers for taking time to send me your thoughts and feelings about the book.

The description…

Grace presided over her husband, five children, and assorted pets with the hyper-observant eye and confidence of a perfectionist. Relocating to Colorado from the northeast, she introduced modern homemaking and timeless etiquette to the less than civilized west.

Decades later she suffers a stroke. As eldest daughter, the author becomes caregiver and advocate. Struggling with her mother’s compulsion to manage other people’s lives, she realizes her own has changed forever. The memoir exposes relentless self-doubt on the tangled journey of accepting her mother and ultimately herself.

grace on the ledge final front


Just Another Day

October 9, 2015 • By

October 9, 2015

Today was my birthday. Yikes.

It began with the routine.

Early morning included time for reflection. I visited the place I go for peace, open my mind to memories, and dream of new challenges. I closed my eyes and struggled for a full breath as an overweight cat walked back and forth on my lap. Meditation would be short.

Bleak House Book

It was time for a good long read of a good long book. Today, that was Bleak House. A real upbeat, quick fall read…or maybe not. I strained through reading glasses to make out the fine print leaning around the head of a cat and resorted to my bookmark as a guide. Why this hefty piece of lit? I add books on my stack of to- reads found mentioned in other books. After discovering Eudora Welty’s comment about The Woman in White, it was scratched at the top of my list. This current classic was referenced in Hough’s book, The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Dialogue. Some people retweet, I relist.


Imagine A Day

September 13, 2015 • By

September 13, 2015

My grandmother was an old woman the day I met her. Her name was Bessie. Not short for anything, just Bessie. I lived in Colorado. She lived in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania. We only visited there a few times. Her room smelled of age, the floors echoed time, and creaked a history we grandchildren would learn little about.

She was an artist. She drew and she painted with all kinds of materials including the most detailed brown ink on paper imaginable.

                                ink church