Excerpt from Grace on the Ledge

January 23, 2016

Our cream-colored three-bedroom pressed brick rancher was built in 1953. It was not one-of-a-kind. I hadn’t been born yet when Mom and Dad knew they needed more space. Two more bedrooms with a connecting bath were added in 1959.

four of us kids in snow boulder

Next big project, the attached garage was sealed up with matching brick. Wide fake wood paneling covered the inside walls.

That space with the green and white checkerboard tile floor was labeled the playroom. And it was. A massive pool table dominated the space. My brothers organized weekend tournaments, to which I was never invited. Added next was a ping-pong table that unfolded overtop the pool table. Great use of space. That game’s first objective was to nab any ball sailing off the table before Mele, the not-so-gently-jawed Shepherd got to it first.