March 10, 2016

Day 30. I’ve survived a month without coffee, sweets of any flavor, and not one drop of alcohol.

That fact alone should give me confidence to dig in for the remaining willpower required.   Instead I am riddled with doubt. It occurred to me last week I may have an identifiable issue where caffeine is concerned.raw coffee beans

My cure for doubt- information. Today I walked to the college library in search of what professionals might consider a “problem” with caffeine consumption. News reports are conflicting. One study suggests coffee is good for you; another reports it’s bad. The inconsistencies should leave me hovering in the everything-in-moderation zone. But I’ve been told flat out I’m a person driven to extremes. My understanding of moderation may be a bit murky.

Today’s objective- a psychological self-evaluation using The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-V.  Still shelved behind the main desk for reserved use only, I knew it would yield facts needed to put my fluttering mind at ease.