Day Five And Loading Up

February 17, 2016 • By

Day Five and Beyond: I run out of fingers at ten.

How many days in Lent? Forty? Sixty? Memory of Baltimore Catechism faded gray to mirror the sky. I dug out a calendar given away by a farm supply store before Christmas.

With my index finger on Ash Wednesday I started. There are 46 boxes until Easter. If I sacrificed through every Sunday it would be longer than the 40 days doctrine required. There must be a bonus in that. Plus, if coffee, sweets, and alcohol were consumed on Sundays, there wouldn’t be enough days in between to recover. I know myself well.


Day 4-Impulsive Surrender

February 15, 2016 • By

I’m losing strength in my arms.

Barely able to dunk a teabag in water the idea of seeing tomorrow has blurred to uncertainty. Struggling for focus, my mind wanders back to a happier place where I lived just days ago. I had a great life.

I woke at 5:00 to gentle harp strings sounding on my cell phone. After stretching head to toe I opened my eyes to find Darby the nocturnal cat staring at me as she had all night. I scratched her head in thanks for guarding me. She hopped to the floor and prepared for her day, asleep. Two high pitched beeps floated upstairs. Coffee ready. Another glorious day.


Impulsive Surrender

February 13, 2016 • By

February 13, 2016  It’s Lent

I gave up coffee… and alcohol… and sweets for Lent—an impulsive surrender. Some might consider the sacrifices nugatory. Others might label the exercise virtuous. Those who know me doubt I am in fact writing this report. Let me assure the skeptics it is I clacking keys to transcribe my scribbled notes.

green oversized coffee mug with red x

Day 1 Ash Wednesday: I am the picture of health.

By 8:30 in the morning my posture noticeably improved. Zero coffee had slipped down my throat and I was walking, upright. I would file this exercise under “C” for cleanse. I should drink more water every day, stay away from processed sugar, and will sleep better leaving alcohol inside the bottle. A decision to leave my perk-in-the-pot was best for overall health- a good thing indeed. Surely I could do this for a couple of weeks.